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Info copied from The Model A Ford Club of America

Almost two dozen Model A body styles were available, not including commercial models. The models are standard and deluxe phaeton; standard and deluxe roadster; standard and deluxe coupe; standard and deluxe Tudor (2 door) sedan; standard and deluxe Fordor sedan (Briggs/Murray) and Victoria. Coupe models included Sports and Business coupes. Others were the cabriolet, convertible sedan (A400), taxi cab, town car (limousine), station wagon, pick-up truck (various styles), AA truck (various styles), and commercial use vehicles.

The Model A was the next generation car following the Model T. It provided America with economic transportation continuing a tradition established with the Model T, voted the #1 Car of the 20th Century. Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company in 1903 and produced the Model T from 1908 to 1927. The Ford Model A production began in October 1927 and continued through March 1932.

In developing cars, Ford identified model design by a letter. Ford produced the first Model A in 1903, and it was followed by other models such as the Model B and C (1905), the Model K and N (1906). They stopped changing the model number with the Model T. Ford wanted to break from tradition and begin anew. Initially, the Model A was simply called ‘the New Ford”. For some reason, they decided Model A was most apt. The1932 cars had the first Ford V8 engine available as an option. The 4 cylinder cars were called Model B. After that, the design changed each year, negating the need for naming models by letter. The Model A cars have a 4 cylinder internal combustion engine that is 40 horsepower and water cooled. They have four wheel mechanical brakes. Safety features included safety glass, brake light, bumpers, ammeter, and fuel gauges, fuel shut off in the passenger compartment, etc.. The standard Model A Fords would travel comfortable on paved roads at 40 MPH to 45 MPH.

When produced, a new Ford Tudor Sedan (2 door) cost from $495-$525. A roadster was the cheapest ranging from $435-520 depending on the year and options desired. The most expensive was the rare, Town Car (limousine) at $1,200.

This car was restored in 2013 and the engine was rebuilt in 2008. The car is equipped with a synchronized transmission, Mitchell Overdrive and a bigger radiator which allows it to travel on normal roads comfortably at 50 MPH to 55 MPH. A few other items have been added and/or changed to support the enjoyment of driving this car on road tours and around town.

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