1956 Divco #15 - Stand/Drive or Sit/Drive
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The picture on the left is the 1956 Model #15 Divco. The Picture on the right is the interior of the truck, showing the gearshift, steering wheel and the pedals for sitting and driving. The pedal for standing to drive are not visible on this picture.

1956 Divco #15

         The name Divco is from the company that originally built these trucks. The Company was the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company. The first Divco trucks were built in 1926. The company went thru a lot of mergers and made the last trucks in 1987.

         This truck has a 6 cylinder engine and the standard Stand & Drive mechanism. The truck is painted and lettered in the colors and design that Rutters Dairy used in the late 1950?s. The mechanical arrangement for driving this make of truck while standing is very unique. The clutch and brake are operated by the same pedal. The top half of the pedal travel operates the clutch and the bottom half applies the brake. The gear shift lever also has the gas throttle on the end of the lever that you can turn to apply the needed throttle to drive. There is a hand lever that you can pull back on that applies the rear brakes to slow down while turning corners in the city.

         This style of home milk delivery truck is what most people think of when they think of city home delivery. It is like people saying Kleenex when they are talking about facial tissue.

         We restored this truck in 2004 and it was on display that year at the main entrance to the Penna. Farm Show by the Farm Show Committee. The Farm Show Committee produced a Special Miniature Edition of this truck for sale to the public in Honor of Rutter’s Dairy who had been an Exhibitor of dairy cattle at the Farm Show for 60 consecutive years. The truck has also be displayed at ATHS, ATCA and AACA Shows. It had won the AACA Junior 1st and Senior Awards.

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